Accelerating the shift to clean combustion in transportation.

What if?

What if your fleet could run smarter? What if you could reduce fuel spend while cutting emissions - at no additional cost?


startup cost


cut in emissions

How it works

Making clean hydrogen in combustion engines affordable and accessible for commercial fleet operators. At scale, speed and no additional cost to fleet operators.

Proven, patented and safe technology

Engineered for plug-and-play, the Hydrogen Injection System (HIS) can retrofit any conventional diesel engine – without modifying the engine block. 40% hydrogen is injected into the fuel mix optimizing performance and fuel efficiency with the same performance on range, power, torque, payload or drag.

Easy and fast conversions, at zero cost

Conversion takes only a matter of days per truck, meaning an entire fleet can be converted within weeks. And most importantly? We cover all the costs.

Easy refuelling at your own onsite station

We install hydrogen fuelling infrastructure at your base of operation - at no cost. Stations are serviced regularly to ensure 24/7 operability with a secure supply of hydrogen.

Partner with us

We’re making hydrogen technology and fuel more affordable and accessible than ever.


Commercial Fleets

Drive your fleets on clean hydrogen for less than diesel costs. Start generating immediate savings and cut emissions.



Realise the returns from the world’s first truly economic hydrogen fuel application. Scale up recurring, steady revenues from 10+ year contracts.