Steady returns from the world’s first profitable connection of hydrogen supply and demand

Replicable and scalable long-term contracts provide venture-like top line growth and bond-like ongoing profitability.

A business model with incentives for all partners

On the supply side, Hydra contracts for long-term fixed-cost supply from industrial emitters venting hydrogen. On the demand side, Hydra contracts long term fixed price fuel sales with nearby truck fleet operators that include turnkey, off-the-shelf co-combustion conversion kits and installation services enabling any diesel-powered truck to co-combust with hydrogen. Hydra can displace diesel supply gallon-for-gallon at a constant discount to market, eliminating fuel supply cost volatility for fleets and reducing carbon-based emissions by up to 40%.

Low operational risk

With over 200,000km of in-field testing over two years on two truck types, the technology is well proven as engine agnostic and works on any diesel motor with calibration. There is no loss in fuel efficiency, range, power, torque or payload capacity and carbon emissions drop by up to 40%. For the refueling site design and construction, Hydra has partnered with industry veterans, Clean Energy Consulting, with 20 years of experience working with chemical plants.

Large scaling opportunity

Hydra has locked in its first hydrogen supply contract with a large, public company and is finalising the demand agreements. The next three plant projects are already optioned to Hydra by the same partner. There are a further 25 similar plants in Canada and 100 in the U.S. The return-to-base target market is an $18.4B+ segment of the $63.5B+ diesel fuel market for heavy duty trucks in the US and Canada alone. Hydrogen supply has also been mapped across Europe for future scaling.

Unique IP

We own diverse technical, business model, field practice IP and trade secrets. All create substantial pathways to market and strong export potential. Hydra also maintains exclusive rights to proven dual-fuel combustion technology owned by motor industry experts that Hydra has adapted to semi-truck dual fuel operation, which has led to new work and discoveries that Hydra has filed two patents on.

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