Realize the benefits of the world’s first truly economic model connecting hydrogen supply and demand.

Find out what our unique value creation model offers.


Significant opportunity

Not only an energy and clean-tech play, our Hydrogen-as-a-Service model is a national and high-profile class alternative with the capability of turning megatons of emissions into significant profit.


High value contract

First in market, our innovative business model creates high-value, long-term, guaranteed revenue contracts with little to no risk of return. Best of all, there’s no yearly top-line sales volatility or bottom line risks.


Low operational risk

Low operational cost outside of project and lease debt that stem from our service-oriented approach.


Short cycle to large scale

Our solution is phase-able, and time devolved. With just 5+ Canadian plants, this means $Billions in 20-year contracted assets, easily scalable to 10-12 plants within our own borders. And that’s just the start.


Unique IP

We own diverse technical, business model, field practice IP and trade secrets. All create substantial pathways to market and strong export potential.


First in dual-fuel tech

We maintain exclusive rights to proven dual-fuel combustion technology owned by motor industry experts. Experts that act as Hydras engineering team and benefit in repetitive high-margin volume business.

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