Drive your fleets on clean hydrogen for less than diesel. Start generating immediate savings and cut emissions.

Here’s what our Hydrogen-as-a-Service brings to your business.

Zero upfront investment

We’ll cover the cost of retrofitting your entire fleet so it can run both on Diesel and clean Hydrogen. We’ll also install a Hydrogen fuel station at your home base. Stations are serviced regularly to ensure 24/7 operability with a secure supply of hydrogen.

Immediate savings

You’ll generate immediate savings from our cheaper-than-Diesel Hydrogen pricing via long-term contracts. With Hydra, a fleet enters into a long-term contract with a guaranteed savings off the market price for diesel.

Great performance, no compromise

Our Hydrogen Injection System optimises engines to achieve the same fuel efficiency, range, power, torque and payload capacity as conventional engines.

Easy installation

Our plug-and-play free conversion takes a couple days per truck. We don't need to modify the engine block, just add an injector and replace several diesel tanks with hydrogen ones. We offer a system warranty and work with fleet OEM dealers to install and service these modified trucks.

Only economic technology to reduce emissions

Hydrogen fuel is safe and leaves no carbon emissions, helping you pay less carbon tax. Hydrogen displaces up to half of a truck's diesel resulting in 40% less greenhouse gas emissions. There is not an electric option for heavy duty trucks, and if there was, a large volume of clean electricity would be required.

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