Shift to clean-fuel flexibility and start generating immediate savings. Without upfront investment or technology risks.

Here’s what our Hydrogen-as-a-Service brings to your business.


Zero upfront investment

We’ll cover the cost of retrofitting your entire fleet so it can run both on Diesel and clean Hydrogen. We’ll also install a Hydrogen fuel station at your home base.


Immediate savings

You’ll generate immediate savings from our cheaper-than-Diesel Hydrogen pricing via long-term contracts.


Great performance, no compromise

Our Hydrogen Injection System optimizes engines to achieve the same the fuel efficiency as conventional engines. All without compromising range, power, torque, or payload capacity.


Easy retrofits, full flexibility

Our plug-and-play process makes your fleet retrofit a matter of weeks, letting you plan, and drive with greater flexibility – and less DPS headaches.


Best choice, available today

Hydrogen fuel is your best choice because it’s highly efficient, safe to use and leaves no carbon emissions. Best of all, it’s clean fuel and technology that’s available now, not tomorrow.


Greater edge, cleaner air IP

Partnering with Hydra gives your business the competitive edge while helping your organization cut polluting emissions in the communities you work in.

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