Hydra Energy participated in an independent Simon Fraser University lifecycle analysis of our application of waste hydrogen to displace diesel in semi-trucks. In order to achieve greenhouse gas reductions, hydrogen needs to come from green sources, currently 95% does not. The results, published in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy show our "diesel displacement by hydrogen can drastically reduce GHG emissions from freight". Heavy-duty trucks are a major contributor to the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in transportation worldwide: In BC, road transportation accounts for 25% of total GHG emissions with over half of these emissions from freight transport.

In addition to Hydra Energy offering hydrogen for less than fleets pay for diesel, the article also highlights that hydrogen use can reduce other operating costs compared to diesel. It is not a battle of environment vs economy, both can win. Scaling up Hydra Energy's solution contributes to the positive impact on negating air pollutants and GHG emissions while helping fleets save money.