We are Hydra


Who We Are The who, the what and the why our company exists

We are a Vancouver-based company who is dedicated to providing environmentally responsible energy solutions.

We assist firms in lowering the cost and environmental impact of their commercial vehicle fleets. In exchange for fixed-term fuel supply, we cover the cost of vehicle conversions to dual-fuel systems that can run on both hydrogen fuel and gasoline.

Our Solution A few reasons to consider Hydra’s energy solution

Environmentally Responsible

By reducing, if not eliminating the use of hydrocarbon fuels, our partners can significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Cost Effective

We cover the cost of upgrading your fleet - you only pay for the hydrogen fuel.

Dual-Fuel System

Our dual-fuel upgrade enables regular internal combustion engine vehicles to run on either hydrogen or gasoline, switchable at the touch of a button.

Fuel Efficient

Engines optimized for hydrogen fuel can achieve better fuel efficiency than conventional gasoline engines.

Reliable Energy

Hydrogen combustion engines require virtually no warm-up and have no cold-start issues even at sub-zero temperatures.

Fuel-Cell Alternative

Our hydrogen upgrades provide many of the advantages of fuel cells - increased efficiency, and only water vapor as exhaust - but at a fraction of the cost and with none of the drawbacks.

"Hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicles...no material technology challenges exist"
- U.S. National Petroleum Council, 2012

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